Youtube Policy

What I Used My Youtube Channel For

  • My channel is my space to express myself and share my life and ideas and activities with those who are interested.
  • I will post about books that I am currently reading and enjoying.
  • I will post about things in my life that have affected me or that I think are important.
  • I will post about new and exciting products that I find and want you to know about.
  • I will post advice and stories.
  • All in all, there is no limit on what I post about and whilst it may heavily be about books, it is my space, to with as I will.

How I Use My Youtube Channel

  • How I choose to use my channel is entirely down to me. What I chose to review is down to me. What I decide to talk about is down to me.
  • I do not receive any money for my youtube channel.
  • Any ARCS and Review Books I receive, I acknowledge in my videos. Again, I am not paid for these, they are in exchange for an honest review.

Comments and Engagement
  • I implore you to comment on anything and everything! I love to engage with my audience!
  • I fully welcome constructive criticism, but I WILL NOT tolerate abuse and meanness towards my videos. I also fully welcome suggestions on how to improve my content and videos.
  • I will absolutely NOT tolerate disrespectful language or comments on my blog. This includes swearing(in offence to another), racism, sexism, homo and transphobia, bullying or anything else that I deem inappropriate. This is a positive atmosphere and I ask that you respect that and adhere to my requests.
  • Do not spam. 
  • If you cause a problem on my channel, I WILL block you from viewing.
  • If I find people who subscribe purely for giveaways and competitions I will be very upset. I want you to come back!

I am generally a very laid back person, but I will not be treated like a piece of toilet paper that someone wipes their bottom with. I am a person like any other and these guidelines are to ensure that we all have fun on my platforms!


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