Sunday, 8 January 2017

My Favourite Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meals

Today's post is a little different to my usual run of the mill posts about books, but it is something I have wanted to make my space more about for quite a while. On September 11th 2016 I became vegetarian. Since I was 13 it has been something I've wanted to do and have tried several times. It's hard when you're either living with family or have problems with your eating, but it is something that I have finally managed to crack. Whilst it may only have been four months, I have had no difficulties whatsoever, and have made only a handful of silly mistakes.

Of course, one of the most common questions that you get asked when people learn of your lifestyle changes is, 'how do you do it?' In the case of turning to vegetarian, it tends to be 'but what do you eat?' Well, my dears, I have compiled a couple of my no-fuss favourite meals that I have discovered through going vegetarian. 

1. Stuffed Jacket Sweet Potato
This is one of my favourite foods, and is such a versatile one. This particular meal you see before you is 100% vegan, and so it is one that everyone can indulge in. It may seem very simple but it is divine. My favourite way to have this dinner (and you will see a trend here) is to bake the potato in oil, rubbed with salt and pepper. When cooked, slice it open and stuff with mashed avocado and chilli flakes, topped with hummus, with a side of carrot sticks and pitta bread. A high carb meal that is simply delicious and nearly all vegetables!

2. Avocado Toast
I am a sucker for avocado on toast. Possibly the biggest veggie cliche but I seriously do. I live for the weekends when I have the time to put all this together. The way I like it is two slices of bread (three here because I foolishly ordered some sort of mini loaf), with hummus spread instead of butter, slices of avocado and here, I've topped it with two fried eggs (though poached is my favourite!). Always always sprinkle chilli flakes on top as it gives it a completely different twist! Of course, this can very easily be made vegan, by leaving out the eggs and adding scrambled tofu. 

3. Greek Falafel Salad
This is another meal that I absolutely adore and takes all of five minutes to prepare. My partner is part Greek and so he has had an obvious influence on my food. Here I have a delicious greek salad with Mediterranean cous cous, pitta bread, hummus and falafel. Another delicious veggie meal that goes down a treat. The olives really give the salad something different and the cous cous adds all the flavours and spices you need. I was never a huge fan of falafel until recently but in this meal it's divine. On my salad I am a sucker for a Greek cheese- in this case halloumi, but feta also makes an appearance. And the best part of this? Leave off the halloumi and it's all vegan! 

4. Leek and Potato Tart with Cheesy Kale and Breadcrumbs
This meal was one that I found in the veggie cooking book that Fraser's dad got me for Christmas and it was divine. This tart (admittedly the pastry is shop bought) took about ten minutes to prepare and then got whacked in the oven. By chopping a waxy potato- we went for Charlotte potatoes- and leeks, adding to a pan to boil and then simply plonking onto the pastry, whack on some feta cheese and pop in the oven, you have a wonderful tart! You can even leave off the cheese if you prefer, or substitute with a vegan brand. The kale is chopped finely, thrown into a frying pan with a mix of melted butter, flour and soft cheese. Stir it all together until you get a clumpy bread crumby mess (how appetising) and you have this delicious crunchy side! DELICIOUS!

What has become apparent in this post is just how many of these meals I could absolutely make vegan if I wanted. That is something I'm definitely going to try more of. I definitely make a conscious effort to limit my egg and dairy intake and will be the first to admit I'm pretty weak. I usually have my coffee with soya and almond milk these days and have been leaving the cheese off my pasta (though I think we may still be using an egg based pasta) so it's definitely likely more recipes I make will be vegan in the coming months.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these meals. As I said, they are all super easy recipes and meals that I will go to if I just want a quick dinner. They always make me so full for the rest of the evening. There is clearly a theme here with the hummus and avocado, but what can I say?

I'll be writing up full recipes for these meals very soon, and you'll soon be able to find them in the recipe part of this blog. Certainly keep an eye out for that!

What are some of your favourite veggie and vegan meals? Are there any veggie ones that when you think about it could easily be made vegan? I'd love you to share your favourite recipes in the comments!


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