My Review Policy

What I Review

  • I will review any books that I am interested in. This is a mix of:                                                   Young Adult, Fantasy, Adult, Contemporary and Children's and even Non-Fiction!
  • I generally won't review Erotica as it is not really my thing and would feel embarrassed to review it. However, if I have previously read a book by the same author and enjoyed it, I would maybe consider reviewing it for you. 
  • I will review books from both Published and Self Published authors- these days, that's not a mark of quality!
  • You can send me either an ebook or physical book, it will not mean a thing to me!

How I Review

  • All of my reviews will be 100% honest and my own opinions.
  • I generally break down the book into 3/4 categories whilst reviewing:                                                   Writing, Plot, Character and Enjoyment.
  • I will then finish off each review with an overall rating out of five, and with a little snippet of how I would sum up the novel.
  • I aim to review all books within a month of receiving them, or during a time period specified by the sender (i.e, the book comes out September 21st so you want a review in the week preceding its release).
  • I do not review books that I do not finish. Whilst I will never hold back from voicing my opinions in a negative review, I find it very unfair to dedicate a whole review to a book I did not finish, as things I disliked about the book make in fact be resolved or explained in later pages. I will instead do occasional 'DNF' blog posts discussing books I did not finish.

Still Want Me To Review?

  • If you are still interested in sending me a copy of a book for review, please contact me either on Twitter: @CharrNewChapter or email me: Alternatively you can contact me via my YouTube Channel: charrsnewchapter
  • In your emails, please include the title of the book, the author, a synopsis and a time frame for the review, as well as the release date for the novel. All these will contribute to my decision.

And lastly, thank you for considering me for reviewing one of your books. It really is a privilege and I look forward to seeing your books on the shelves!


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